Our sponsorship offer

Connect the talents,
reap the benefits.

Join the Helvetic Payroll referral programme and benefit from exceptional reductions on your management fees. Refer consultants on assignment, and save on your costs with each referral.


How does the sponsorship programme work?

The Helvetic Payroll referral programme is designed to reward our existing clients who wish to share the benefits of our payrolling services with other professionals.

Step 1: Become a sponsor

To take part in the sponsorship programme, you must first be an existing Helvetic Payroll consultant and be currently working for us.

Step 2: Sponsor consultants

As a sponsor, you can encourage consultants in your network to join us. When they sign their first contract, the benefits begin.

Step 3: Reduction of your fees

For the first two consultants you refer, Helvetic Payroll rewards you by reducing your management fees by 0.5% for each consultant you refer.

Step 4: Additional reductions

The reward increases as you sponsor more consultants. As soon as you have sponsored two consultants, your management fees drop by 1%. Then, for each additional consultant you sponsor, your management fee drops by a further 0.25%.

Step 5: Duration of sponsorship

It is important to note that sponsorship is valid for as long as the sponsored consultants are on an active assignment with Helvetic Payroll. As soon as the sponsored consultant's assignment contract ends, the sponsorship associated with this consultant ceases.

Step 6: Automatic management

Helvetic Payroll automatically manages management fee reductions on your behalf as soon as sponsored consultants are on active assignment. You don't have to worry about managing the rebates manually, because everything is taken care of by our team.
*Offer applicable to all sponsorships made on active policies from December 1st 2023.
Terms and conditions of the sponsorship offer

Suppose you are already a consultant with Helvetic Payroll. You sponsor two consultants on an active assignment to join our payrolling service. In this case, your management fees will be reduced by 0.5% for each consultant, i.e. 1% in total. If you then sponsor a third consultant on an assignment, your management fees will be reduced by a further 0.25%, and so on for each additional consultant you sponsor on an assignment.



Once I've registered my sponsored child, what should I do?

Nothing at all! Your Helvetic Payroll representative will contact your sponsoree directly to help them with their payrolling project.

Can I sponsor several people?

Yes, you can sponsor as many people as you like.

When will I receive my reward?

As soon as your sponsoree has signed their Helvetic Payroll mission contract, you will receive an email to let you know. Your reward will apply the following month.

Are there any exceptions?

Depending on your consultant profile and your payrolling model, this sponsorship offer may not suit you. In this case, your Helvetic Payroll contact will suggest a suitable model that is just as interesting.

Can I be a sponsor without having a contract with you?

Of course, you'll be rewarded too! If that's the case, don't hesitate to contact us at communication@helvetic-payroll.ch and we'll let you know what's on offer for you as a business contributor.